Mercedes S-Class W-220

since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

W220 Mercedes
+ Mercedes-Benz Cars of a class S (W220)
+ Operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ Power supply system and release
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Automatic transmission
+ Power shafts
- Brake system
   Arrangement of components of the amplifier of emergency braking of BAS
   Arrangement of components of ESP system
   Dual main brake cylinder
   Vacuum amplifier
   Brake support
   Check of thickness of a brake disk and overlays of brake shoes
   Removal and installation of brake shoes
   Removal and installation of a forward cable of a drive of the parking brake
   Adjustment of the parking brake
   System of anti-blocking of brakes of ABS, protivozanosny system - an arrangement of elements
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ electric equipment Cхемы

Adjustment of the parking brake


1. Lift a back part of the car.
2. Turn on on one bolt on each back wheel.

3. By means of a screw-driver (4.5 mm), turn an adjusting castor 105 so that brake shoes blocked a wheel

4. Turn back an adjusting castor 105 so that the wheel could rotate freely (approximately on 5-6 teeths).
5. Tighten the lever of a drive of lay brake system several times.
6. Wrap bolts of fastening of wheels and lower the car.